Spectra Connect Remote Panel Display 4.3" with cable (Included with System)

Spectra Connect Remote Panel Display 4.3" with cable (Included with System)

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Part Number KIT-SC-RMPNL


Watermakers with the Spectra Connect come with one local display. If your system has a local display, you can add an additional remote display that can be located anywhere in your vessel, such as the navigation area or galley.

The Spectra Connect allows you to monitor and control your watermaker on a computer, smart phone, or tablet from the boat‘s existing local network, or Spectra’s unique access system can be installed to connect wirelessly! New features have been added, like the Estimated Service Interval for clear routine maintenance schedules to keep your watermaker in perfect condition; or Spectra’s Auto Run feature can now be programmed to run by time or volume of water produced, making it customizable for the user’s yacht. We added optional tank level gauges to give even more control over the water supply. One-Touch Sensor Calibration allows users to make sure the watermaker is operating at its peak. Maintenance and troubleshooting are easier than ever with the Spectra Connect. Suggested maintenance intervals are displayed, reminding the user when to change filters, change a pump, or perform upcoming preventative maintenance. Data logging will allow technicians to identify trends and suggest repairs. Unlike systems based on a proprietary network and application, users can control their watermaker anywhere, making full water tanks just a tap away.



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