Clark Pump Rebuild

Clark Pump Rebuild

  • $750.00

This is a standard Clark pump factory reconditioning, which comes with a with a one-year warranty. All o-rings and seals are replaced, along with check valves, spool valve seals, and annular rings. Pistons and valve spool pistons may be reused if still within tolerance. Once complete, your Clark pump will go on our test bench for at least one hour, to ensure that all pressures and flows are within spec, and that there are no leaks.

If we find your Clark pump is damaged beyond normal wear and tear we will contact you in advance of any repairs beyond the basic rebuild. For example, scored cylinders can often be honed and put back into service, but sometimes they must be replaced ($345 each) for the Clark pump to build good pressure.

Warranty repairs must be approved by the Spectra factory. If we note damage that may be covered by warranty, we may interact with the factory on your behalf, but we do not provide warranty support for Spectra products ourselves.

We can only ship domestically. You must arrange international shipping through a freight forwarder or better yet, a friend who can put the Clark pump in their luggage. A Clark pump weights about 20 pounds.



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