Newport 700/1000 MKI (Pre-2009)

Part Number Part Name
 SUB-NP-MNFC Newport Int/Prod Manifold Combo-No longer available
PL-HBE-1/2X3/4 1/2"Npt X 3/4" Hose Barb Elbow
EL-SWT-VC Vacuum Switch
PL-HS-3/4SH 3/4" Reinforced Suction Hose
PL-NLT-1/2HP 1/2" High Pressure Tube (Dayco)
PL-CLP-10SS #10 Hose Clamp
PL-HBE-1/2X3/4 1/2"Npt X 3/4" Hose Barb Elbow
 EL-MTR-3/4AC220 3/4 Hp, 240 Vac, 3 Phase, 56C Motor
EL-MTR-1D24 1Hp 24V Dc 1800 Rpm Tefc 56C Motor
 PL-PMP-PCA Motor Coupling And Adaptor
PL-PMP-PC Rotary Pump Coupling
PL-PMP-VBC V-Band Clamp For Rotary Vane Pump
PL-MTE-1/2X1/2S 1/2"Npt X 1/2"Tube Fitting Elbow Ss.
PL-PMP-240250E Vane Pump 240,250 SS direct drive  
 **KIT-PMP-240MUPG 240 Gph MAG5 Upgrade Kit (from direct drive to mag drive)
 EL-MTR-SPCDC12 Winland Speed Control—No longer available, use below
EL-MTR-PWMA Spectra Pwm Assembly 12/24V DC speed control
 SUB-NP-12VRLBA 12V Relay Board Assembly
SUB-NP-24VRLBA 24V Relay Board Assembly
 EL-MPC-PCBDPA40 MPC-5000 Circuit Board Assm A40
 FM-NPC-ACB Newport Ac Box
 PL-NLT-1/4LP 1/4" Low Pressure Tube (Product)
PL-MTE-3/8X3/8J 3/8" Npt X 3/8" Tube Fitting Elbow Jg
FM-PVB-PBE Plate Bracket End
 PL-MTE-3/4S1/2B 3/4"-16S X 1/2"Tube 90DEG. Bronze
FM-PVB-PB Plate Bracket
KIT-HP-MNTK High Pressure Pump Mount Kit Assem.
FM-PVB-PBI Plate Bracket Intermidate
 PL-MTS-3/8X1/2B 3/8" NPT x 1/2" Tube Fitting Complete Assembly
FT-PV-ER Pressure Vessel End Ring
FT-PV-ZEP Z Brane End Cap A
 FM-ZB-RC Z-Brane O-Ring Rod Clip
 SUB-ZG-ZB3RA ZB-3 Rod Assembly
SUB-ZG-ZB2RA ZB-2 Rod Assembly
SUB-ZG-ZB1RA ZB-1 Rod Assembly
 PL-FTE-1/8X1/4P 1/8” FPT X 1/4” Tube Fitting Elbow
PL-NP-1/8N 1/8” NPT Close Nipple Nylon
**PL-SWF-1/8X1/4J 1/8"NPT X 1/4"Tube Swivel Elbow JG
FT-PV-ZEPB Z Brane End Cap B
EL-TM-1/4PPCP 1/4" Cable Cap Stud Insulator (Blk)
 FT-PV-ER Pressure Vessel End Ring
FT-PV-UTC Pressure Vessel U-Tube Connector
*KIT-PV-25UTC 2.5"Press.Vessel U-Tube Conn.Kit w/ nuts & ferrules
PL-NLT-1/2HP 1/2" High Pressure Tube (Dayco)
PL-MTS-3/8X1/2B 3/8" NPT x 1/2" Tube Fitting Complete Assembly


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