Spectra Newport 700c Watermaker

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The Newport 700c is the most energy efficient, automated, and easy-to-use watermakers available, and come with the new Spectra Connect controller as standard! The Spectra Connect allows you to operate and monitor your watermaker from a remote device, and has new added features like the Fill Tank mode, or a customizable Auto Run mode, One-Touch Sensor Calibration, and suggested maintenance intervals displayed on the dashboard, taking the guesswork out of operation and upkeep! The Newport 700c and 1000c are available in DC and AC Voltages. Systems use motor speed control technology, allowing for quiet operation on an inverter, using a generator, or straight off the battery bank.  Multi-speed capacity allows the machine to operate at its’ optimum speed in all conditions.

  • Multiple run speeds for optimum system operation
  • Highest output watermaker available in DC
  • AC systems rated for inverter operation
  • Commercial grade motors and magnetically coupled feed pumps
  • Systems include a complete installation kit
  • Z±ION Compatible


  •  29 g (110 l) every hour
  •  700 gal (2650 l) a day
  •  176 lbs (79.83 kg)ac model
  •  166 lbs (75.30 kg)dc model
  •  24v DC 24A 
    110v AC 9A 
    220v AC 4.5A

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